Longboard Bearings

Slick Willies is your one-stop shop for all longboard bearings. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, we have the bearings that will best suit your board and riding style. We also offer free delivery on orders over £100, unlimited return time and next day delivery if you need your bearings in a hurry.


    The Best Bearings For Longboards

    Longboards consist of three main components - the deck, the trucks and the wheels. However, the longboard bearings are actually an essential component - it’s incredibly important to maintain them and ensure they’re in good condition.

    Longboard bearings are tiny components that fit inside your wheels, attaching them to the trucks and allowing them to spin freely, without resistance. High-quality bearings are essential for a smooth ride on your longboard, because they have a huge impact on how well your wheels spin.

    If you’re building your own longboard, you’ll know you’ll need an excellent set of bearings. However, if you’re trying to diagnose a problem with the ride of your longboard, take your bearings out and hold them between your thumb and forefinger, then spin them with your other hand. If you can feel resistance or joltiness, it’s likely that there’s rust or other issues with your bearings.

    If you’re looking for some new longboard bearings, Slick Willie’s offer a huge selection of high-quality longboard bearings - available at great prices. Whatever your budget, we’ve got plenty of popular longboard bearings at all different price points, in a range of cool colours, designs and materials. Find the perfect bearings for your longboard above.