Complete Longboards

We have a great selection of longboards. Whether you're looking for a pintail design or something more durable like a drop through longboard, we can help you make the perfect choice. Plus, all our boards come with free delivery when you spend over £100 with a next-day delivery option.

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    What Are Complete Longboards?

    Complete Longboards are ready to ride and offer better value for money than building one up using separate parts. Here at Slick Willie’s, we stock a great range of longboards suitable for all levels of ability so whether you are a beginner or a pro we have got you covered. Popular brands in our complete longboard selection include the likes of; Mindless and Aloiki for entry to intermediate level riders. If you want something a little better check out Long Island and Loaded Longboards are the best of the best. All of our complete longboards come with free delivery with next day delivery and unlimited returns time available. Why shop anywhere else when you can get the best products and best service from our team at Slick Willie’s. Alternatively, if you want to test one our before you buy, you can visit our easy to find store in London.

    If you don’t want to put together your own longboard, the Slick Willies range of complete longboards are all pre-assembled and ready for street riding. Discover high performance and affordable longboards from top brands including Mindless and Loaded that feature everything from spray-on grips to cambered profiles and vibrant graphics to high-quality materials such as bamboo, fibreglass and maple.

    Longer than a skateboard, you’ll find models ranging from 33-60 inches in length and 9-10 inches in width and an assortment of shapes. Precise hardware and skilled craftsmanship ensure longboards will take you further and faster with great control at higher speeds and smoother skating even on rough surfaces. Malleable trucks and soft wheels make for a comfortable and effortless ride on longer journeys and are perfect for cruising, commuting and cross-country travel.

    The width and length of longboards help beginners with balance, and this activity is often likened to surfing without the water. Get ready to try downhill racing or cruise for miles and miles with our high-quality selection of top brand longboards.