Knee Pads For Skateboards, Scooters And Skates

At Slick Willies, we strive to provide only the best quality skate protection. Our range of scooter knee pads, skating knee pads and skateboard knee pads are designed with safety in mind and are made from superior materials that ensure maximum protection for you when out on the street.


    The Best Knee Pads For Scooters, Skateboarding & Skating

    Knee pads are an important part of the safety precautions for a number of sports and therefore come highly recommended. Knee pads are extremely important whether you are learning to skate and are likely to fall over a lot at the beginning, or an advanced skater looking to nail that big jump.

    In skating, scooting and skateboarding, landing on or grazing your knees is a likely scenario, so protecting them with knee pads is essential. Knee pads can also help cushion the impact of a heavy fall, which may have otherwise caused serious injury to your knees. The knee pads we stock, which are available from leading brands such as Rekd, Pro-Tec and Triple 8, are suitable for a range of activities, including roller derby.

    Our great value knee pads have been selected for their comfort and compatibility as well as their excellent safety features, such as shock-absorbent foam layers and re-enforced rivets.

    Getting the right fit for your knee pads, however, is crucial for taking advantage of all the safety features available. The right fit can be indicated by measuring the circumference of the extended knee to find the right size for you.