Skateboard Bags & Backpacks

For the perfect bag or backpack to take your skateboard around, then look no further. We have a range of skateboard bags and backpacks that will fit your needs perfectly. From sturdy canvas material to heavy-duty nylon, we have something for everyone.

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    The Best Bags For Skateboards

    We are now stocking a selection of quality skateboard bags which give you space to carry your board and accessories in style. One of our current favourites has to be the Reppu brand, their bags keep your skateboards fully enclosed and away from the elements, perfect for travelling.

    Always keep your deck safe and secure with our great selection of skateboard bags. Whether you’re on your way to the skate park or just shopping for clothes and accessories downtown, each of our bags will keep your board protected from the elements. A skateboard bag is an essential accessory for any half-pipe hero. Not only will it neatly enclose your full board, but most of the models we offer come with a separate pouch that’s perfect for your gloves and wax. Some even include a larger section that’s big enough for a change of clothes, so you don’t have to travel in your skating gear. You can wear your bag backpack style or over the shoulder, whatever you prefer. And with a great range of designs to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect bag to fit your style.