Scooter Sale

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    Grab yourself a two-wheeled bargain at the Slick Willie's scooter sale!

    Commuting, stunting, or just for fun - however you plan to spend time on your new scooter, we'll have something to suit your needs. Slick Willie's is the home of only the best scooter brands, designed specifically for safe and fun riding with a clear sense of style in mind.

    Children and adults alike are getting in on the scooter resurgence. Whether you're rushing to work or simply scooting for kicks, it can't be denied that scooting is the most exciting way to get around on two wheels. Most of our scooters fold away, making them the perfect storable solution for school and work.

    With prices to suit any budget, you'll find a scooter that won't break your bank balance. In an array of bright and eye-catching colours, you can find a scooter with style as well as the substance from our cut-price sale scooters.