Adult Scooters

We have A range of adult push scooters that meet the highest standards of quality & safety. All of our scooters are designed with comfort & performance in mind, so you can rest assured that you are buying a reliable & enjoyable ride with free delivery on orders over £100 & next day delivery available

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    The Best Scooters For Adults

    Here we have our range of scooters for adults featuring popular brands such as Micro and

    JD Bug scooters. Adult scooters tend to have larger wheels and can carry a larger max weight, the scooters in this category we would recommend for ages of roughly 10 years plus but they can be ridden by younger kids depending on their ability. Recreational scooters can be used for exercise, general fun, keeping up with your children on the school run or for travelling to and from work. Commuter scooters as they are sometimes called are ideal for short to medium length journeys and turn a boring 20 minutes walk into a fun 10 minute scoot!

    Get fun and fit with our extensive range of scooters for adults! Choose from popular brands such as Micro, JD Bug Scooters and more. With a larger weight capacity on all our wheels, it’s time to get your very own scooter. Our wheels support a wide range of weights so your whole family can join in the ride, provided they’re 10 years or older.

    You can cut down your commute and make it exciting, with that boring walk to work now half the time and double the fun! Or simply use your scooter to keep fit. A scooter isn’t just super fun, it also gives you a great core workout. Change your speed from fast to slow for some high-intensity interval training. Forget the gym, all you need to do is go to work or pick the kids up from school on your new set of wheels!