Inline Skate Bearings And Rollerblade Bearings

Slick Willie's has the highest quality inline skate and rollerblade bearings on the market. Our durable bearings will last you through multiple uses, giving your skates a smooth and consistent ride. With our unbeatable prices, you can stock up for season after season without breaking your budget.

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    The Best Inline Skate Bearings

    Inline skate bearings are rated in an ABEC system, from ABEC 1 up to ABEC 9. We stock a full range, including Bones, Seba and Wicked Bearings, all of which are reputable bearing brands with a proven track record of lasting. It’s worth noting that we stock Bones Speed Cream bearing oil, for those of you that purchase high-end bearings and are happy to service them yourself.

    Inline skate bearings are very important to keeping your inline skates going, otherwise, the wheels won't turn right and your afternoon skating will be a much more dangerous experience. Each wheel needs two bearings, so for example, for a pair of quad skates you'll need a total of 16 bearings.

    Whilst some people may struggle to install their bearings, we offer several options that come with tool kits. These should make the installation process much more simple. Our range is also highly inclusive, and we stock options that are suitable for both experts and beginners.

    Inline skate bearings are rated on the ABEC scale between 1 and 9, and we stock bearings from a range of brands, including Bones and Wicked Bearings. All of our brands are highly reputable and known for their durable and high-quality builds. This means that you'll need to repair and replace your bearings far less often by getting your skate bearings from Slick Willie's.