Zoo York


    Way back in 1993 Zoo York began life on America’s east coast as a street culture-inspired skating brand. It took its name, with blessing, from one of the oldest graffiti writing skateboarding crews in New York, ‘Soul Crew of Zoo York.’ Zoo York’s three OG skateboarding founders, Rodney Smith, Eli Morgan Gesner and Adam Schatz started the brand by selling skating decks and t-shirts in a Lower Manhattan warehouse and Zoo York grew to be one of the most recognised skateboarding lifestyle brands of that era. The founders sold the brand in 2001 and four years after that the rights to the Zoo York name were sold to the Iconix Brand Group. However, the original guys returned to Zoo York in 2019 as creative directors, rebranding to the original logo and disrupting the skateboarding scene with attitude and innovative new styles that pay tribute to NYC’s street culture.

    The Slick Willies selection of Zoo York skateboards offer excellent quality at affordable prices and are fantastic boards for first-buys and developing your skateboarding skills. Designed for beginners and those with some experience who are into street tricks, Zoo York skateboards provide all the support you need with great shapes, sturdy Canadian maple wood decks and eyecatching yet clean graphics, encompassing all that New York attitude. Their skateboards are easy to turn, their wheels give sweet grip and all in all they're perfect for nailing ollies and popping high.

    Globally renowned on the skateboarding scene, the Zoo York reboot is back in a big way with huge advertising campaigns reminiscent of the 90s, plenty of authentic flavours and capsule collections that pay homage to the brand’s legendary and gritty east coast roots. With the guys back at the helm, expect everything from classic designs to modern updates, all inspired by a magnificent skateboarding history that celebrates the original crew and that much-loved city street culture.