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    YOW is a major name in skating, replicating the feeling of surfing while allowing you to, as the name suggests, be Your Own Wave. With YOW, you provide the power, the guidance, and the majesty of a tidal wave as their smooth, seamless parts turn your board into an extension of your body.

    YOW are constantly experimenting and innovating and are currently on YOW System V.4 S4 and S5, digging down into the elements that truly promise performance and improving on them with different skating goals in mind.

    Our range includes only the greatest of YOW's selection, taking the cream of an already impressive crop and slipping it under your feet, where it belongs.

    Carefully designed trucks fitted at a unique, YOW-certified angle offer one of the smoothest rides on the market, creating clever boards that bring the surf to the streets by enhancing your ability to carve like you were poised on the very crest of a titanic wave.

    On top of the expert engineering, YOW offer a range of stylishly designed surfskate boards, helping you to express yourself visually even as you're showing off your skills on the tarmac. If you love to surfskate and you want a ride you can trust, try YOW.