Upgrade your roller skates with a bright and colourful pair of Sonar Zen Wheels from Slick Willie's. Wheels give you the opportunity to express your personality and can add some fun to your skate, and these Solar Zen Wheels are certain to do just that! Give your skates a brand new, brighter look without compromising on quality with these affordable skate wheels.

    Make an entrance with a choice of 8 vibrant colours bound to make you stand out. Whether you’re a speed skater, outdoor skater or rink skater, the Sonar Zen Wheels are designed for both indoor skating and outdoor terrain and are donned by even the most impressive skating enthusiasts.

    These impressive wheels are both designed and tested by expert skaters themselves including industrial designers and engineers so you can guarantee they tick all the boxes. Glide hard and fast with the Solar Zen Wheels - available in packs of 4 with a 62mm/85a as standard, these versatile and spunky wheels are certain to add some fun to your next skate. Be both seen and heard with a choice of yellow, blue, pink, red, orange, purple, green or black wheels.

    Slick Willie's has always got you covered when it comes to keeping you on top of your game with the latest additions in the skating world, and Solar Zen Wheels are worth the hype. Find your colour and switch up your look without forking out and shop your new wheels today at Slick Willie's.