Skateboard Cafe

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    It started with a scene video back in 2008, then came a few t-shirts and a small run of boards, and in 2012 Skateboard Cafe became the brand that's loved today. Founded by Bristol skater Rich Smith, its aesthetic is based around 50s' American diner and beverage brands, varsity styles, intricate illustrations and stylised letter work.

    Skateboard Cafe creates high-quality 7-ply maple skate decks with distinctive graphics that really set them apart, combining the modern with the retro. The brand always supports local artists, skaters and creatives, and the likes of Korahn Gayle, Josh Arnott, Savannah Keenan and Dom Henry skate for the team. You'll find everything from fast bearings to free grip and classic stripe decks to great turning trucks. Influenced by legendary jazz musicians, parodies of pop culture and ongoing street culture, Skateboard Cafe always produces vibrant and unique in-house graphics.

    The brand still maintains a huge video output presence that includes web shorts and full-length films. Founder Rich Smith believes it's essential to keep releasing videos to add soul to the company, showcase their tricks and moves and represent the community. Being independent and creating everything in-house keeps Skateboard Cafe authentic and their continual collaborations bring fresh looks to the company each year.