Shake Junt

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    Slick Willies Shake Junt Grip Tape collection gives you the chance to create a standout design for your skateboard whilst ensuring you get the perfect grip on your deck. Our range of high-quality Shake Junt Grip Tape comes from the ultimate skateboarding brand and squad, featuring the likes of Beagle, Herman and Zorilla. At Slick Willies, you'll find an awesome choice of Grip Tape that can be glued to the deck of your skateboard to give the traction and secure footing you need to make sure you stay on your board.

    Whether you want Murdy Pro Grip Tape or neon pink, Slick Willies have got you covered. Not only does Shake Junt Grip Tape make a style statement but it also helps you to perform tricks. Grip Tape is an essential skateboarding accessory that acts like sandpaper to create the friction you need to get up in the air. Each sheet will fit most decks and all feature the Shake Junt brand stamp. Affordable and easy to apply, our Grip Tape collection is a must-have for your skateboarding set up and is the ideal way to customise your board. Join one of the best squads in skateboarding and choose your Shake Junt Grip Tape today.