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    Who are RIPNDIP?

    RIPNDIP are an eccentric and vibrant skate-wear company specialising in bright, often humorous, clothes and other skateboarding products such as decks and grip tape. The company was founded in 2009 by Ryan O'Connor, who started making T-shirts at a skate camp in Orlando, Florida and quickly ended up making a name for himself off the back of his designs.

    After relocating to Los Angeles RIPNDIP really took off, with an extensive collection of caps, T-shirts and hoodies becoming popular with cultural figureheads such as Tyler, the Creator. In fact, the rapper was instrumental in popularising RIPNDIP's flagship "Lord Nermal" cat print design, something that can now be found in skate-parks and skate-shops all over the world.

    RIPNDIP provide a bespoke selection of various items of clothing attire, with their printed T-shirts being the most popular. The LA company also offer a selection of caps, as well as hoodies and trousers, all, of course, in the company's signature wacky and colourful designs. More recently RIPNDIP have also moved into the world of skateboards and grip-tape, proving that they are a skateboarding company that is here to stay.