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    Ricta Skateboard Wheels

    Here is our complete range of Ricta skateboard wheels, we have a full selection of sizes in both hard and soft wheels to make sure you can get what you need.

    Ricta Clouds

    Our most famous wheels from the brand and our best sellers are the incredible Ricta Clouds wheels, these feature the same shape as standard skateboard wheels but come with a softer compound of between 78 and 92a. Clouds are ideal for skateboarders who are looking to do more cruising around and less tricks as they provide a more comfortable and grippy ride, perfect for rough surfaces on the street. If tricks are your bag then there are plenty of traditional hard Ricta wheels to choose from:

    Ricta Naturals

    These wheels have the perfect balance of slide and control so you can have maximum speed and a smooth ride with fewer flat spots.

    Ricta Cores

    These wheels offer reduced rolling resistance and therefore provide optimal speed. They’re proven to roll over cracks for a smooth, friction free ride.

    Ricta Speedrings

    The unique design of Ricta Speedrings puts urethane around the bearing bore giving you the speed of a cored wheel with the feel of a cored wheel.

    All Ricta skateboard wheels are available with quick delivery and we have every model in store too.

    For more information on wheel size, hardness and shape options, read our Skateboard Wheels Buyer's Guide.