Moto Bearings

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    Skate like the pros with our selection of bearings from Moto, one of the world’s greatest skating manufacturers.

    Skating is not just a sport, it’s a way of life. And that means attention to detail down to every last accessory. Although small, bearings are a big part of the skating experience – the right bearings can help you achieve a smooth and agile ride. Moto’s bearings are made using the toughest steel. These essential little bearings are made to the highest specifications, constructed using some of the most advanced techniques in the industry.

    Quality and durability is front of mind for Moto, which makes its bearings using high precision races and a light layer of lubrication to give you the fastest ride possible. Designed to help you perform even the most demanding skating moves with ease, Moto’s bearings are essential to any serious skater. You can even use them as a style statement; coming in a range of eye-catching colours and designs, Moto’s bearings can help you truly personalise your wheels and express yourself through your skates.

    You could soon be experiencing Moto’s brilliant bearings for yourself – just choose from our sets of 16 and order yours today.