Krux Skateboard Trucks

    Krux have been supplying the world with high-quality skateboard trucks since 1989, becoming known for their stylistically quirky and innovative designs. The main feature that people associate with Krux is the hole in the truck hangar, something that reduces weight and incidentally makes for a perfect bottle opener too!

    Krux Trucks Review

    Skateboarders love Krux trucks because of their light-weight aluminium design, and also because of their tendency to offer pre-broken-in bushings. This means that it takes a minimal amount of time for skateboarders to get used to a new pair of Krux trucks, a huge positive for professionals that often have to chop and change their board setups. Krux also offers consistently vibrant and quirky colour-ways, perfect for the fun-loving skateboarding community.

    Such is the notoriety of Krux that notable skateboarders who use Krux trucks include Tommy Sandoval and Nora Vasconcellos. Browse our range of Krux skate accessories here to find the perfect match for your board.

    Krux Trucks Size Guide

    Krux trucks come in the sizes below, guaranteeing a fit for your board:

    Truck Size

    Skateboard Deck Width


    7.35” - 7.85”


    7.75” - 8.25”


    8” - 8.5”


    8.25” - 8.75”


    8.75” - 10.4”

    For more information on how to make sure you’re fitting the right size truck, read our Skateboard Truck Buyer's Guide and use our helpful filters that allow you to filter products by deck width and truck height.