Slick Willies stock a fun selection of Impala’s quad roller skates, meaning there’s a high chance we’ve got the perfect pair for you. The Australian company took a nostalgic trip when they started in 2017 with their skate designs and fun colour palette. The colours, patterns and wheels are based heavily on the ’70s, ’80s, and 90’s aesthetics with the mission being to bring back the yesteryears of skates. From leopard print to Marawa rose gold, there’s a pair of roller skates for everyone in this collection. Designed for comfort with modern shapes and styling, Impala allows you to look and feel great whilst skating. With Impala you will always stand out, perfect for a day when skating with friends.

    Each of Impala’s roller skates uses high-quality components and materials to ensure top quality products for every single customer. Impala’s skates are always at an accessible price for new and experienced skaters alike, with Slick Willies offering competitive pricing across the market. Throughout all the stages of manufacture, Impala strives to be mindful about every part of their process being ethically responsible. So on top of the high quality, every skate is made with PETA-approved vegan materials and profits are reinvested into good causes.