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    Destructo Skateboard Trucks

    Destructo, aka D3STRUCTO, was founded by Brighton-born Gary Parkin in 1996. They were founded with the goal to create the perfect trucks and we feel they have achieved this mission. Destructo have created long-lasting, lightweight and stable trucks. They’re perfect if you’re looking for: • An airy glide: Destructo trucks are lightweight because they incorporate hollow kingpins. • Precision, thanks to their non-slip axles. • No abrasion, as they use weapons' grade aluminium guaranteeing the perfect grind. • A stable, smooth, controlled ride with SuperFormula bushings and pivots. You’ll find both low and mid trucks among the D1 and D2 models. Riders like Tony Cervantes, Arto Saari, Steve Forstner, Sammy Winter, Mike Vallely, Drake Wiseman and Jake Johnson also count on Destructo trucks.

    Destructo Trucks Size Guide

    The Destructo Trucks come in the following sizes:

    Destructo Trucks Size

    Skateboard Deck Width


    7.5 - 7.75”


    7.75 - 8.0"


    8.0 - 8.25”


    8.25 - 8.5”


    8.5 - 8.75”

    For more information on how to make sure you’re fitting the right size truck, read our Skateboard Truck Buyer's Guide.