Skateboard Hardware, Griptape and Riser Pad Buyer's Guide

Skateboard Hardware
Also known as mounting hardware, skateboard hardware are the bolts used to attach your trucks to your board. Sold in sets of eight, they will have either an Allen or Phillips head and the size will depend on the thickness of your deck, truck baseplate and whether or not you run riser pads with your trucks.

For most skateboard set-ups you’ll need 1” bolts and longer bolts if you run riser pads. Below is a rough guide to what size bolts you’ll need depending on you set-up.

Size Set-up
7/8" - 1” No riser pads
1" - 1 1/8" 1/8” riser pads
1 1/4” 1/4" 1/4" riser pads
1 1/2” 1/2" riser pads

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Griptape is the sandpaper-like sheet you apply to the top of your skateboard. The griptape provides traction and is available in many colours, patterns and designs. What griptape to use is down to rider preference and you’ll discover which brand of griptape is right for you the more you skate.

You can check out our griptape selection here.

Riser Pads
Riser pads, or risers, are made of hard plastic and used to increase the height of you skateboard and to prevent wheel bite, which is when your wheels touch your board when turning. Riser pads come with pre-drilled holes so you can attach them to your skateboard and are available in many colours and thicknesses to suit any set-up and style preference. Wheels smaller than 55mm don’t usually require risers, however the use of riser pads is always down up to rider preference and style.

Shock Pads
Much like riser pads, shock pads will increase the height of your board but also, due to being made of rubber, absorb shock to provide a more comfortable ride and softer landings. Again, just like riser pads, it’s down to how you want your board to feel and down to rider preference.

Riser Pad Holes
Some riser pads will come with six pre-drilled holes, this is to accommodate new and older skateboards, typically pre-1990s as many vintage boards and trucks used a 6-hole bolt pattern.

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