Inline Skate Lessons

As we do not offer any skate lessons we thought we'd recommend some great companies that do. They offer a range of different lessons for all levels of ability. Most of them teach in Hyde Park which is a 10 minute walk from the shop. 

London Skate Life
London Skate Life (LS Life) is more than just a skate school. It is a community of skaters where you can always find someone to roll around the city and have fun with. With LS Life you can find professional skaters coming from all over the world who can share their experience and knowledge throughout the different disciplines of inline skating, including fitness, freeskate like urban movements, jumps, slalom and slides, wizard and skatepark. We offer classes all around London for adults and kids, from first-timers to advanced skaters. Your first group class is FREE when you sign up. After purchasing a learning service you can receive a 15% discount to use at Slick Willies.
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Skates & Ladders
Skates & Ladders offer private lessons that allow you to move at your own pace and learn exactly what you want, with step by step advice from a dedicated instructor. They help you pick up the basics quickly and perfect your technique faster than learning solo, while keeping you safe and building your confidence! You can book private 1-to-1 lessons or private group lessons to learn with your friends. Whatever you prefer, we promise to get you rolling. Lessons are available seven days a week from 8.30am and take place at your choice of well-known London skate spots, public parks, skateparks or whichever location suits you. They also teach skateboarding too!
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Skatefresh has been delivering skate lessons for 20 years and is run by Youtube's "Top Instructor" and skate consultant for BBC and Disney. Learn in London or Brighton or Online via Video Courses from wherever you are. Join a class in the UK or Online from absolute beginner level through to advanced. Or learn the skills you need in themed workshops like Stops, Fitness, Backwards & Transitions. Grab your first 1hr class for FREE when you buy a pair of skates from Slick Willies. Skate Well, Feel Alive!
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London Skaters
London Skaters is run by the legendary Mike Van Erp who has been teaching skating for over 15 years. His classes enable you to build your confidence, and to help you progress at the right speed for you. Mike is one of the highest qualified teachers in the UK and is also a speed skating coach too. He provides lessons for all levels of ability so whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced skater London Skaters will have you covered.
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London Skate Crew
Based in the capital “London Skate Crew” specialise in both quad and inline skating lessons offering fun, action packed classes with the emphasis on ‘Intelligent skating’, a program that enables you to monitor and understand your own development safe in the knowledge that, whatever your goal, you are on the road to achieving it.
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