Skateboard Bearings Buyer's Guide

Bearings come in one size and are used to mount your wheels to truck axles. Bearings scale in quality with price, so the more you spend, the higher the quality bearing. Bearings are sold in sets of eight to fit two bearings for each of your four wheels.

Cheaper bearings are usually made of lower quality materials and can break easily and are often not sealed which means dirt and debris can get trapped inside the bearing causing your wheels to spin slower and slow your board down considerably. More expensive bearings are sealed, with higher quality materials and precession machining which means they will perform well and remain fast and precise, as long as you maintain them. There are bearings to suit all budgets, so don’t worry, we got you covered.

ABEC Ratings
Skateboard bearings are measured by the ABEC rating, although some manufacturers use their own rating system such as Bones Bearings, as their bearings are of a more superior quality than ABEC. The ABEC system ratings are 1, 3, 5 7 and 9 although they do not take into account many important factors of a bearings quality, capabilities and performance which means sometimes a lower rated bearing may perform better than a higher rated bearing. Again, this can be confusing so always choose a good brand when selecting your bearings.

You can buy either steel bearings or the more expensive, extremely smooth, ceramic bearings.

Steel Bearings
Most skateboard bearings are made of steel and the metal quality, sealing and interior ball bearing quality varies depending on the manufacturer. Higher quality bearings will have better sealing, more interior bearings and higher quality steel. Cheaper bearings are also more prone to rust and dirt and will deteriorate faster than more expensive bearings.

Ceramic Bearings
Ceramic bearings are extremely smooth, have very little friction and won't expand in the heat. Although they will be considerably more expensive, they will be of very high quality and won't require as much maintenance as cheaper bearings.

Cermaic bearings will contain ceramic balls instead of steel and will have more balls than cheaper bearings. The sealing and steel casings will also be of a much higher quality and will perform better than steel bearings. The ceramic balls will have an extremely hard exterior, with ceramic powder inside, which means they will be lighter too. Ceramic bearings will not rust, require less maintenance and will last a lot longer.

Whichever bearings you choose, the more you spend the better, longer lasting, higher performing will be. You will definitely feel the difference with good bearings so they are a worthy investment when building your skateboard.

Bearing Spacers
Bearing spacers are optional metal cylinders that fit between the bearings and the inside of your wheel. Spacers are used to reduce the distributed weight on each bearing and make your Tuens smoother, more stable as well as working to extend the lifespan of your bearings.

Bearing spaces are inexpensive and another option that is totally optional. Many skaters do not use them as they tend to rattle, but it’s down to rider preference.

Speed Washers
Speed washers are thin, metal washers that sit between the nut and the bearing on your truck axles and are used to reduce friction and enable your wheels to spin faster while also protecting your bearing

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