Micro Scooters Buyer's Guide

Types of Scooters
If you are looking for a recreational scooter then you must consider the Micro Scooters range, they have been making high quality scooters since day one and are a trusted brand for good reason. There is a fairly big range to choose from so here is our advice and some suggestions.

Mini Micro and Maxi Micro Scooters
These scooters have 3 wheels for extra stability and are designed for really young children as a start to scooter riding. They are much lighter than the aluminium models and smaller all around. For more information see our Mini Micro Scooter guide.

Micro Sprite and Micro Bullet Scooter
These are the entry point models in the Micro range and are great for younger children and those wanting to ride their first two wheel scooter. The Micro Sprite is one of our best selling models and comes in a great range of colours, it is perfect for the school run and folds up neatly without taking up too much space.

Micro Flex and Micro Speed V2
These scooters are the step up from the models above and have two main differences, wider footplates and larger wheels. The wider footplate is for increased stability and has the bigger or older rider in mind. They also both come with 140mm wheels for a quicker and smoother ride, better for covering longer distances and rougher surfaces.

Micro Black and Micro White
These two models sit at the top of the Micro range and are most popular with adults and those wanting to commute. The large 200mm wheels make them the smoothest and fastest scooters from micro. They are ideal for longer journeys and getting to places fast. The large wheels ensure that you roll over bumps and cracks in the pavement with minimal effort.

Age Guide

Age Scooter
2 years – 8 Years Mini Micro and Maxi Micro Scooters
5 years + Micro Sprite and Micro Bullet Scooters
8 years + Micro Speed V2 and Micro Flex Scooters
12 years + Micro Black, Micro White and Flex Blue Scooters

Other Models of Scooters
Kickboard Compact
A bigger metal version of the Maxi Micro scooter, made for 8 years up to adults, 3 wheels for extra stability.

Kickboard Original
Like the kickboard compact but with a bigger flexible deck to absorb shock.

Monster Kickboard
This is an upgraded version of the kickboard original and comes with extra large Fattie wheels which provide extra grip.

Micro Rocket
A similar scooter to the Micro Speed V2 but with large fatties wheels for extra grip and stability.

Micro Bullet Carveboard
An upgraded version of the Rocket Scooter with a back wheel that moves left and right as you turn. This scooter gives you a carving feeling when you ride and turn.

Micro Flex Blue
Like the Micro Black and White Scooter but with a flexible base to absorb extra shock, perfect for rougher road surfaces.

Micro Flex Air
Like the Flex Blue but with inflatable tires, good on really rough surfaces but slow on smooth pavements.

You can view our full range of scooters here.