Madd MGP Scooters Buyer's Guide

Madd is one of the leading scooter brands on the market and have been going since 2002, year on year they have grown in popularity due to the high quality of products and their striking designs. In this guide we hope to explain some of the differences in the models and help you work out which scooter might be suitable for your needs.

Firstly, Madd MGP Scooters are designed for doing stunts whether this is at the skate park or on the streets. The scooters in the range are all made for extreme use so are ideal for riders who want to push themselves doing jumps and tricks.

There are plenty of different models in the range to cater for all ages and level of ability. At the entry level and maybe for younger riders you have the Mgp Whip and VX7 Pro scooters. Sitting in the middle is the VX7 Team Edition Scooter which is a great choice for beginner to intermediate riders. The VX7 Nitro and Extreme models are the top of the range and feature parts good enough for the professionals.

Which Madd Scooter do I need?
Entry Level
For someone who is just starting out and wants to give stunts a go we would recommend the VX7 Pro Scooters. Designed for children aged 8+ it is a more affordable model in the range so good to test the water. It is a great option for getting into riding and can always be upgraded as skills progress.

Mid Range
The next step up are the VX7 Team Edition Scooters, which are suitable for beginner to advanced riders. The parts on these scooters are upgraded from the VX7 Pro and are well worth the price difference. If you are a beginner rider the quality of parts on this model will help you learn faster and as your skills develop it will not need to be upgraded. The VX7 Team’s are one step below the top of the range.

Top of the Range
Ridden by the pro’s and suitable for any level of rider are the VX7 Nitro and VX7 Extreme Scooters. Both these models feature the best parts available from Madd and are super light and strong. The quality of these scooter’s are reflected in the price but you do get a top end scooter that will outperform the others in the range.

Colour: This part is up to you, all the models come in a great range of colour ways so look through them and find your favourite!

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