Grit Scooters Buyer's Guide

Grit Scooters are another Australian brand that have really established themselves in the UK over the last few years. They have stunt scooters to keep every level of rider happy and not only do they look great, they have quality to match. All Grit Scooters pass the test when it comes to strength and reliability as they have been developed by Grit’s own professional riders. Below are all the stunt scooters in the Grit range and this guide will help you understand the difference between them and make a choice.

Choosing Your Scooter
Grit Atom Scooters
For younger or smaller riders the Grit Atom is a good choice, it has a slightly shorter height handle bar than the other models and is also lighter. This is a popular model for young children who want to give scooter riding a go or find other models too big. Recommended for ages 6+.

Grit Extremist Scooters
A bigger and tougher version of the Grit Atom scooter. It comes with an upgraded deck, forks and back brake making it stronger and better for doing tricks. Suitable for beginner riders and a good entry point to the stunt scooter world. Recommended for ages 7+.

Grit Fluxx Scooters
A truly amazing scooter for under £100 and comes with parts that you would see on much more expensive scooters. The Grit Fluxx features Alloy core wheels which stand up to more damage than the plastic kind found on the previous models and also has superior bars similar to what is found on the more expensive Elite model. This makes an excellent beginner scooter but will keep an intermediate rider more than happy. Recommended for ages 7+.

Grit Elite Scooters
The best selling models in the range are the Grit Elite Scooters, these can be used by beginners but also by intermediate to advanced riders. They are a real jump up in quality from the Fluxx and every part of the scooter has improved. Every piece is super light and strong including the skeletonised deck, new chromo handle bars and high tensile fork. You get a really high end product for a mid point price.

Grit Tremor Scooters
Top of the range are the Grit Tremor Scooters, these are an improved version of the Elite Scooter and some of the parts have been upgraded to make it even lighter and faster. Bigger 110mm wheels make it smoother to ride and the HIC system makes bar spins and tail whips even easier.