Folding Scooters Buyer's Guide

There is a fairly large range of folding scooters to choose from and this guide will help you decide which model may be suitable for you. Folding scooters have been designed for getting around whether that is on the school run, a short commute through town or just for having fun in the park. They are light, portable and can be folded up easily meaning they can be stored away neatly when not in use.

In the last few years we have noticed a huge rise in adults buying scooters for commuting, they can make a 20-minute walk to the nearest station a 10-minute relaxed cruise and in the city office workers are using them to get from A to B quickly.

Folding scooters are extremely popular with children and are an excellent way to help them enjoy getting around. A child that generally gets bored of walking will tend to enjoy riding a scooter making life easier for parents. On the school run they are perfect for making that journey to school enjoyable and that little bit quicker.

The two most popular brands of folding scooter are Micro and JD Bug, both have a fantastic range of models suitable for children and adults. Please note that these scooters are for riding recreationally and not for jumps if you want something for doing tricks please check out our range of stunt scooters.

Choosing Your Scooter
There are a few things to consider when chosing a scooter:

Age and Ability
Folding scooters tend to come with a recommended age+ but from experience, we find that it is down to an individual’s ability of what they can ride.

Weight Capacity
Most scooters have a maximum recommended weight and this will tend to be between 50 – 100 Kgs, don’t buy anything that will not support the users' weight.

Handle Bar Height
For a comfortable ride, handlebars should sit between just above the waist to mid-torso. Most handlebars are adjustable on folding scooters, but ideally, your back should be straight when riding and you should not be bent over.

Wheel Size
A bigger wheel is faster and smoother over rougher ground and requires less energy to keep up speed. Scooters with wheels of 200mm are great for adults and older kids but are usually a bit heavy and hard to ride for children under 8 years old.

For further advice on Micro Scooters, JD Bug Scooters and a rundown of the different models please check out our Micro Scooters Buyer's Guide.