The Best Stunt Scooters For Beginners

The Best Stunt Scooters For Beginners

There are hundreds of adult and kids scooters on sale in the UK and even more that make it to stores in the US. A big proportion of the scooter market is made up of stunt scooters which are specifically designed for trying tricks out and using at skate parks and so on. If you are looking for products that are suitable for a beginner to start learning how to perform stunts, such as tail whips, bar spins and 360s, then read on.

Chilli Pro
Crown Reaper Scooter

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This particular Chilli Pro scooter is a seriously solid stunt scooter and a great all rounder. Chilli Pro are 100% dedicated to designing and manufacturing the perfect scooter and have always developed a high-end lineup of products for this particular sport. The Chilli Pro Crown Reaper scooter comes fully equipped with a new spider HIC system which ensures bars stay tight and the headset is dialled perfectly. It weighs a light weight of 3.8 kilos.

Madd Mgp
VX9 Team Stunt Scooter

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Although there are plenty of scooters in the Madd range which you could reasonably describe as pro-level products, there are ones which are suited to intermediate level riders too. Madd is one of the biggest brands in scootering and there is probably no better mid level scooter in the range than the MGP VX9 Team. Along with some premium parts and excellent engineering, the VX9 Team has been developed to offer scooter riders a light weight product that is easy to control. With 120 mm fuse alloy core wheels, the entire scooter comes in at just 3.41 kilos.

Envy Colt S4 Stunt Scooter

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These adult scooters offer exceptional value for money and come kitted out with Nylon braking systems, double collar clamp and soft grips with Nylon bar ends. Blunt scooters have been around since 2009 and were one of the few brands that provided scooters to an ever growing crew of young riders. Blunt/Envy have always been known for their innovative and high quality scooters at affordable prices. The overall scooter weight is 3.9 kilos.

Tantrum VII Stunt Scooter

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Known for their exceptionally high quality scooters, Slamm are a dedicated brand who work with their riders and scooter shops all year round. Slamm know exactly what stunt scooter riders want and what they don’t want. Their Slamm Tantrum VII stunt scooter is ideal for entry level riders who are looking for a small model. If you are looking for a stunt scooter for your child, this is definitely the perfect package and a great choice. It weighs 3.63 kilos so perfect for ages 4 and above.

Extremist Scooter

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An Australian brand which has many devotees, Grit make some of the most popular beginner scooters of all. When seeking out entry-level kids scooters, there are few better than Grit's Extremist model. Ideal for any child who wants to master their tricks at the skate park, the Extremist is robust but easy enough to control as you progress with your mastery. Like most Grit scooters, it comes with forgiving soft grip handle grips and its own flex brake. The alloy core wheels have seven bearings as standard for smooth running and there are useful threadless headset parts, too. The Extremist weighs just 3.5 kilos.

C-Series C050 Scooter

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Although much of the C-Series range of stunt scooters have been designed by professionals, models like the C050 are very well suited to learners who want to progress to an intermediate level. One of the reasons that they are popular among newbies who take their tricks seriously is that you get some professional features on a scooter that is priced reasonably. The wheels on the C050 are 28 mm wide which means you can obtain exceptional levels of grip at the skate park, making it ideal for learners. There's a mini Hic compression system as well as a quick-stopping brake cartridge.