Moxi Roller Skates

Designed to rekindle the nostalgia and culture of roller skating from the 1980s, Moxi roller skates are a high top roller skate, perfect for indoor or outdoor skating and available in a variety of styles and colours, so there’s a Moxi for everyone!

Moxi Skates was founded in 2008 by Michelle Steilen (also known as Estro Jen), in Long Beach, California. Michelle’s love for skating started as a child in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where her father, a skateboarder, always made sure she had a pair of roller skates. This love grew and, at 21, Michelle joined a roller derby league, and the idea for Moxi Skates was born.

Michelle wanted a better designed, higher quality skate, which was also fashionable and comfortable to wear so she teamed up with Riedell (a staple in roller skating for over 70 years) to create Moxi Skates. Moxi proved to be a huge success and has become one of the most popular roller skate brands in the world. Driven and represented by women, Moxi has a massive following, called “Chicks in Bowls” and an all-women team spanning the United States, Germany, Australia, Mexico, England, Canada, and Argentina.

A fun fact about Moxi Skates is that each skate is named after one of Michelle’s family members. The “Jack” is named after her younger brother, the “Beach Bunny” is an ode to her pet rabbits, Cloudia and Nimbus and the most famous Moxi skate, the “Lolly” was named after Michelle’s sister Loren.

So not only are Moxi one of the best skates out there, they look great too! We also stock Moxi pads and helmets, a perfect match for your Moxi Skates!

You can check out our range of Moxi here.