How to Change Skateboard Wheels and Bearings

So your wheels are starting to look like spuds and you’re not rolling as fast as you used to. Looks like it’s time to change your wheels and check your bearings, but don’t worry, it’s a quick and easy task and we’ve put together a super quick guide to get some fresh spinners on your shred sled.

How often should you change your wheels and bearings?
You’ll know when the time is right but it all depends on how often and what you skate. Wheels tend to last a long time but once they start to cone or show pitting, it’s a good indication it’s time for some fresh rollers. If you are powersliding all day long, you’ll notice your wheels will need replacing sooner.

Same can be said for your bearings if you don’t keep them clean or skate in the rain. They will only last as long as you take care of them.

So, grab a skate tool (or wrench) and we’ll show you how to change your wheels and bearings.

Step 1: Remove Your Old Wheels
Undo the axle nuts with your skate tool or wrench and slide the wheels off the truck axle. Don’t loose the washers that sit either side of the wheel, you’ll need them later.

Step 2: Remove Old Bearings
Pop those bearings out of the wheel by prying them out of the wheels using the truck axle for leverage. Just slide the wheel on half-way. so just one bearing is on the axle. and then twist the wheel outwards and around until it pops out. Repeat this process for the other side and boom, your bearings are free. You may have spacers that sit between the two bearings, so keep those to the side too.

Step 3: Install Bearings into New Wheels
Slide a bearing, shield-side down onto the truck axle, then take your new wheel and press it onto the bearing until it pops in and is fully seated. You’ll need to put some weight down to get it on but it will pop straight back in. Flip the wheel over, repeat the process and you’re done. Remember to pop the spacer back in before you install the second bearing if you use them.

Step 4: Mount Your New Wheels
Next step is easy. All you have to do is place your wheels on the axle, making sure you put those washers either side of the wheel and tighten up the axle bolt until you wheels are secure and spin freely. Make sure you don’t over tighten the axel nut as it could damage your bearings, just tighten until the wheels don’t wiggle and you’re all set to roll.

Step 5: Get Rolling
Time to get out there and test those new pearly whites! See you at the skate park!

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