Chaya Skates

Hello Hello. Stephen @Whataspoon here to talk about the Chaya Skates we sell in the store.

Chaya Skates are a registered brand of POWERSLIDE, a leading inline skate brand that we stock in store. POWERSLIDE produces some amazing skates and components for their inline skates so we are happy to see that they are also using what they learned from inline skating to make good quality quad skates too.

The owner of POWERSLIDE, Matthias Knoll, grew up as a quad speed skater, so we can imagine that a lot of love goes into their roller skates just as much as their inline skates. Due to the company incorporating technologies from what they have learned producing inline skates, they have managed to create skates that can handle the skatepark, dance, roller derby and more. 

You can check out the buyer's guide here and check our stock of Chaya Skates here.