Upper Boots Guide

Hello Hello. Stephen @whataspoon here from the Slicks Skate Crew.

I have spent 19 years on skates with experience of breaking and fixing my own skates to teaching lessons, working in skateparks and now working in Slicks Skate Store. I partake in many forms of inline skating starting with aggressive skating, urban city skating, long distance skating and also spending a lot of time with slalom skaters and sliders. I feel I have learned a fair amount about how skates work over the years so let's put that to the test now that I am behind a computer screen.

Over the next few months I will be writing out, in depthed, user guides to help you all understand each part of an inline skate. I will go into detail about the parts, why they are used the way they are and how different companies use different ways to achieve their goals. This should be really helpful for those who need some extra information about why wheel sizes are the sizes they are, which liners are better than others and also stuff like which type of bearings you should be using for what you are doing on your skates.

I've made a start at the top with a user guide all about upper boots. In this guide I go into detail about the differences between soft, plastic, carbon boots and more before looking at their frame mounting systems, the components they usually come with and how they fit when trying them on. Be sure to check it out and hopefully you find out something you didn't already know. Keep an eye on the Instagram for updates on when these user guides will be available to view.

Some of the guides will come accompanied by a YouTube video from my channel so feel free to subscribe: 
Check out the first all about upper boots here.