The Unstoppable Rise Of Freestyle Stunt Scooter Riding

A few years ago some people were looking for a new energetic buzz to try out. As an alternative to the older trends of skateboarding or inline skating, the freestyle stunt scooter was born. Scooter riding quickly rose to become the new rage at skate parks and on the streets, with riders performing a new breed of tricks to watch or try out. Not only is scooter riding fun and easy to learn, but the seemingly endless amount of possible tricks also makes it fun for spectators.

The Emergence of Stunt Scooters

The more traditional street-based sport of skateboarding had its nascence in the 1970s. This was a time when the energetic youth of the cities realised that skateboards were not just for little kids, but a serious piece of gear for performing tricks and stunts, as well as weaving through city streets effortlessly. In the ‘80s and ‘90s dedicated skate parks began to be built in our cities, and inline skating also became a trend because of the appeal to learn and master stunts and tricks, and the benefit of mobility. Since the year 2000, another serious piece of stunt equipment emerged on the scene, as people realised that scooters can be just as much fun, nimble to perform tricks, and are not just reserved for the domain of kids any longer. Newer technology, design, and better-built scooters are helping experienced riders to perform amazing stunts and amaze onlookers, causing more and more people to take up stunt scooter riding. The scooter movement is now taking the world by storm.

Scooter Popularity

These days, mixed in with regular skaters you will find plenty of people working on their latest tricks and stunts on their scooter. When scooters scooters first appeared on the scene, many traditionalists snubbed it off as a passing fad, but as the popularity of freestyle scooter stunt riding has grown over the past two decades, it seems that it is here to stay. We have been witnessing the birth of an extreme sport that will become just as popular as skateboarding, and it is still rising in popularity. Most of the appeal of the scooter movement has been its simplicity. Taking a very simple piece of kit – the scooter – but with a design using the latest technologies that make it lightweight and versatile, this allows people to learn, perform and create a whole host of tricks. The possibilities seem endless as riders keep on inventing new tricks, encouraging others to learn them. It’s an extreme sport that fits into itself, creating organic growth. The stunt scooter community is growing daily.

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