The Most Expensive Skateboards In History

The Most Expensive Skateboards In History

While skateboards aren’t necessarily known for their unreasonable price tags, it may surprise you knowing that you could pay up to £28,000 for one of the world’s most expensive and famous skateboards! Take a look at just a few of these selected boards in history that have certainly made an impact on credit cards.

BMW StreetCarver Pro Skateboard - £360

The worldwide car manufacturer BMW took a foray into the world of skateboarding when they developed the StreetCarverpro board in 2001. With an extremely stiff and durable deck made from wood and fibreglass and a suspension system based on the BMW 5 Series, it was capable of carving across the ground like a surfboard or snowboard. The board has a unique steering mechanism that allows the axles to roll in relation to the ground as the board turns, and large 110mm curved wheels to support its unusual turning characteristics. Its exceptional performance came at a price, however, which is perhaps why the production of the board lasted for just a few years.

Hadean Carbon 2 In 1 Skateboard - £2,434

Built with speed and power, the Hadean Carbon 2 in 1 skateboard is an ultimate board for the pro skaters. With a top speed of 31mph in the streets, this board can certainly take you places, and is an electric board that has made its mark in the skateboarding industry. Features of this masterpiece include integrated lighting, a patent pending deck, a new heavy duty phaze remote with 4 adjustable speed modes, and much more Priced at a whopping £2,434 it isn’t hard to see why this 2 in 1 board is one to impress.

1984 Rip City 'No Net Ever' Skateboard - £5,000

Created in 1984, the Rip City ‘No Net Ever’ skateboard was styled after the beloved punk band, Black Flag. The band's guitarist Greg Ginn had his brother Raymond Pettibon create the board’s artwork, who was extremely popular on the punk rock scene in California in the 80s. Although there were multiple issues of the No Not Ever board, the Rip City issue is particularly rare, which contributes to its mega price tag.

1988 Santa Monica Airlines Natas Kaupas Skateboard - £5,300

Natas Kaupas, award-winning surfer and one of the first generation of professional street skateboarders, created a collection of skateboards in 1988 with graphics inspired by a Frank Frazetta painting. When one of the Santa Monica Airline boards was sold in amazing condition, it went for an impressive £5300, thanks to its immense rarity.

SHUT Solid Gold Skateboard - £11,000

Matthew Willet from the New York skateboard store SHUT, developed the infamous gold skateboard, made from 99.999% electro-plated gold. The SHUT solid gold skateboard is fully functional but is yet to be tested out, and has only ever been handled with cotton archival gloves to ensure the pristinely mirrored finish is not smudged or marked due to the expense of the board. Weighing a whopping nine pounds more than your standard skateboard, the wheels spin and the deck has a textured surface to mimic the grip tape you’d find on a typical board.

Supreme Mundi Skateboard - £14,500

Created by British artist Adrian Wilson as a commentary on the state of the exorbitant prices of the art industry, this board took on an exceptional price tag of its own when it was auctioned in 2019. Wilson simply mounted wheels to a wooden artist palette and carefully painted the Supreme logo on the underside.

His goal was to comment on the sale of a collection of official Supreme skateboard decks, which went for an outstanding £579,000+ at auction by Sotheby's, as well as the record-breaking over £326 million sale of Da Vinci's iconic Salvator Mundi painting. The board was designed to highlight the "financial hypebubble" of the art world, but despite being a Supreme knock-off, it created plenty of hype of its own and was sold for £14,500 on eBay to a private high-end art collector.

Tony Hawk's Beatles' 'Blackbird' Skateboard - £19,500

The iconic Tony Hawk sold one of his beloved skateboards back in 2012 at an auction designed to raise money for the creation of new public skateparks. Not only was he auctioning one of his famous skateboards, but he also asked the legendary Beatle, Paul McCartney to sign it, of which he wrote the lyrics to ‘Blackbird’ on the board. Previously decorated with a variety of Tony Hawk’s personal decals, there’s no wonder the board fetched such a high price with two major icons making their mark on the beloved piece!

Jamie Thomas' Bob Dylan 'Blowin’ In The Wind' Skateboard - £27,500

As the most expensive skateboard yet to sell on the market, pro skateboarder Jamie Thomas auctioned his famous board at an incredible £27,500. While you may question what makes this board so special to hold the title, the iconic Bob Dylan scribbled lyrics of his timeless protest song ‘Blowin’ In The Wind’ on the board, which is a rebellious anthem beloved by many skateboarders. It’s no surprise that this board gained so much attention!

Finding The Skateboard Of Your Dreams

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