The Basic Difference Between Roller Skates And Rollerblades

The Basic
Difference Between
Roller Skates and

Skating is fun, no matter what type of skates you choose to use. Many people don't realise that roller skates and rollerblades aren't the same things, but there is a difference and it does matter which type of skate you wear.

That feeling of speed and freedom can be enjoyed by anyone, young or old, but it is important to choose the right kind of skate depending on your chosen activity and where you wish to skate. So, what is the difference between roller skates and rollerblades? Well, below we will explain the difference and the type of activities that suit each type of skate.

Inline skates explained

Inline skates, or rollerblades as you might know them to feature a single frame that covers the length of the sole. The frame can have anything from three to five wheels, although most skates feature four wheels. The upper boot is supportive and provides a tight, snug fit. On most skates, there is usually a brake that is found on the back of the frame for when you need to stop quickly. More advanced models come without a brake.

Roller skates explained

So, how do roller skates differ from rollerblades? The main difference is the positioning of the wheels. Unlike inline skates that have one central frame and a line of wheels, roller skates have two horizontal trucks or hangars. One towards the toe and the other at the heel. Each hangar holds a pair of wheels, located to the left and right. Roller Skate boots come in a variety of styles some hard and some soft, there is also often a choice between a low top or high top style boot. Another difference is that the wheels on roller skates are smaller in diameter but much wider than those on inline skates.

Benefits of using inline skates

So, why should you use inline skates? Well, there are many benefits to why you should use inline skates.

Firstly, inline skates are probably the faster of the two, this is thanks to the wheels having a larger diameter. The larger wheels also offer a smoother ride across rough surfaces making them better for commuting too.

Inline skates also offer great stability as the wheelbase is longer, with the front wheel just ahead of the toe and the rear wheel behind your heel you are less likely to fall forwards or backwards than on a pair of Roller Skates.

They are also pretty versatile skates as they can be used anywhere and on a range of different surfaces, such as in parks, on roads and in urban spaces. Great for fitness, commuting or just having fun.

Benefits of using roller skates

So, what are the benefits of roller skates and why should you use them?

Well, if you plan to go to the Roller disco or do some dancing then they really are the obvious choice. Their short wheelbase and moving trucks make them super manoeuvrable so perfect for quick turns, spins and moves.

Roller Skates also have a wider wheelbase than inline skates making it less likely for you to fall over sideways, when standing still they are also a bit more stable.

Some people believe Roller Skates are easier for beginners but when you are starting out having wheels on your feet will always be tricky no matter how they are laid out.

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