Slick's Custom: Endless 90 FR1 Intuition Skates

Hello Hello,

Stephen Whataspoon here! Today we are going to take a look at a new pre-built skate we are selling as a complete at Slick's Skate Store. If you are looking for a set-up that can get you around a city quickly, perform slides, hit the skatepark, perform wizard moves or even downhill, then look no further than our FR1 Deluxe with Endless 90mm Frames and Endless Wheels.

The FR1 has to be my favourite skates on the market, and I am not the only one who feels this way. The skate has been extremely popular worldwide with freeskaters for years and recently FR released a boot only version with the incredible Intuition liners. The liner is thinner and may allow some skaters to size down, which is a huge advantage when it comes to the skates responsiveness and fit. If you are a size 43 then there is a good chance you will fit a 42 FR1 Shell with a 42/43 Intuition Liner. This liner is also less flexible than the standard FR1 liner allowing more support when skating. A set of Intuition liners will last much longer than a standard liner too, as the material inside is much more resistant to rips. When I get a new skate, I usually move my previous Intuition liner into the new skate.

Slick's have been working closely with Endless and rate their frames as probably the best aftermarket option you can buy. For this reason we chose them to compliment the FR1 Intuition and paired them with 90mm Endless frames, as they are an excellent all round choice and, in our eyes, offer the most versatility. Sizes 42/43 and below will come with the Black standard Endless 90 Frames, sizes 43.5/44 and up will come with the Black Endless 90 ES Frames to suit the larger boot size better. Endless frames provide such a lovely skating experience and I was very impressed the first time I tried them. As the name states, these frames are very universal, allowing you to have 4x90 with the signature Endless rockering or 3x110 flat. As someone who does a bit of everything on skates, this really is the perfect frame to cover all the disciplines you'll want to get involved with.

The skate is finished with Endless 90mm wheels made by Undercover with Twincam ILQ9 Classic Plus bearings. Undercover are known for being an amazing and trustworthy wheel company and the wheels are super strong and durable, lasting through the long summer sliding sessions on Hydepark’s rough ground. These wheels are avaliable in 85A, which is a super popular hardness, for urban skaters which is hard enough to be fast and durable yet soft enough to tackle the vibrations of the streets. Having 90mm wheels on a skate allows you to have a big enough wheel to keep speed yet small enough to be close to the ground for ultimate control.

Get the FR1 Deluxe Edition with 90mm Endless Frames and Wheels for £575 in-store and on online while stock last!