Slick Sessions: Unit 23 Skate Competition Scotland

The Slick Skate Team is off to Scotland to host a huge comp with over £3,500 of prizes, yeah, we didn’t stutter… over £3,500, thanks to some amazing brands and distributors.

Held in conjunction with Unit 23 and CIB, the competition will be held at Unit 23 Skatepark, Glasgow on Saturday 20th November at 6-11pm and will be £10 entry.

There will be an aggressive comp in hall 2, which will be a street section, edges and rails all the way, as well as group skates and quad jams, a ramp rally time trial as well as lots of other comps such as best trick, best bail, most creative trick and much more!

Also, you’ll get to meet the Slick skate team members and have a rad skate!

Huge shout out to USD, Powerslide, Moxi, Chaya, Rookie, Seba, Triple 8, Rollerblade, Kaltik, Rio Roller, Razors, Roces, Undercover Wheels, Skate of Mind, Redemption, Read, Pro-tec and Hakon as well as our rad distributors KC, Powerslide, J&R, Sunshine, Roces, Kaltik, Shiner and Stateside for all the prizes!

Here’s a list of the prizes of some of the prizes, hope to see you all there!

  • USD Aeon 60 XXI Skates
  • Powerslide Next 80 Skates
  • Moxi Beach Bunny Skates
  • Moxi Helmet
  • Chaya Barbie Kismet Skates
  • Fundae Wheels
  • Kaltik Parts care package
  • Luminous Wheels £60
  • Pro Tec Skates
  • Protec Helmets x 2
  • Protec Twin pack
  • Razors Backpack
  • Razors Beanies
  • Razors Caps
  • Razors T Shirts
  • Razors Wheels
  • Rekd Helmet and pads
  • Rio Roller
  • Rio Roller Helmet
  • Rio Roller Skates
  • Roces T-Shirts
  • Rollerblade Twister Edge 3WD Skates
  • Rookies Skates x 2
  • Seba Back Pack £80, Seba
  • Seba CJ Skates
  • Seba Helmets £135
  • Triple 8 Saver Series Triple pad sets x 2
  • Triple 8 Street Kneepads
  • Triple 8 Sweatsaver helmets x 4