Santa Cruz Complete Skateboards

If you’re new to skateboarding it can be quite daunting choosing all the parts for a custom set-up, especially when you are on a budget and want to get rolling quickly. If you're not ready to custom build or just want start skateboarding, then completes are the perfect choice and great value for money.

Complete skateboards include everything you need; skateboard deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, bolts and grip tape, all built and ready to skate. And, once your skills develop, you can always upgrade parts, like better bearings or wheels, until you’re ready to take the leap into custom set-ups.

One of our favourite brands is Santa Cruz Skateboards, founded by Richard Novak, Doug Haut, and Jay Shuirman in the early 1970’s. Santa Cruz is one of the longest running and most influential, skateboarding companies of all time and have remained a powerhouse in skateboarding for decades, and continue to innovate and thrive today… they even influenced our Slick OG t-shirt which you can read about here.

With top quality boards, shapes and graphics, you can’t go wrong with a Santa Cruz complete and we have lots of boards to choose from. As always, if you need any advice or have any questions about buying your first skateboard or first complete, feel free to give us a call and we will do our best to help you find the perfect complete!

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