Rollerblade Twister XT vs Rollerblade Pro X

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Stephen here to talk about some Rollerblade Freeskates.

Rollerblade have made many different skates over the years. In 2022 the two main freestyle/urban skates available are the Twister XT and the RB Pro X. In this blog we will have a look into the differences between the two models and see what option would be best for you.

Rollerblade Pro X
Let’s talk about the Pro X first as I have had these skates before (Kind of). I had the version before which was the RB DA 80. Pretty much the same skate without the upgrades that really helped this skate flourish. The skates I had came with a weaker 45 degree strap and one less lace hole in the liner. I remember that the 45 degree strap on the DA wasn't the best, other than that I had no other complaints about the skate at all. So now that they have improved the strap on the Pro X, the skate has become so much more durable.

The Pro X is the same shell as the RB cruiser model. It’s a great skate for those with wide and flat feet. It is especially great for those who are in-between the 42/43 sizes as this skate comes with a 43 shell instead of a 45 for the foot size 43. This is an extremely popular foot size for men. I often hear of many people being stuck in-between the two sizes, including myself, so it was nice to have the confidence that my 43 feet would fit in the size 42.

The skates have lots of holes for air to circulate your feet which in turn keeps them nice and light as well. I used this skate in all weathers and in all areas. From long street skates to skatepark sessions, this skate could handle it all.

This skate comes up slightly cheaper than the Twister models. It probably has something to do with cheaper parts being used. On the Pro X you will receive a standard plastic buckle on a non removable cuff.

The Pro X comes with a set of black laces in the box alongside a heel brake.

Check them out here.

Rollerblade Twister XT
The all new Twister XT is all singing and dancing. Again, Rollerblade have listened to the feedback from the people and have improved the Twister Edge.

The Twister has a nice sleek design, with inspiration from a military aircraft. We have some strong longer lasting buckles on this skate which is not too common in this industry. We have some improvements to the shock absorber as well which will help for those higher landings. This makes the skate much more universal with the ability to cover more disciplines of skating. The cuff is also removable on this skate which is an advantage over the Pro X.

This skate certainly does fit differently from the Pro X as it is not so wide inside. So if you do have a wider foot then maybe you should consider the Pro X over the Twister. Apparently they have changed the shape of the toe box as so many people were finding the old version far too narrow in most cases. There have also been some changes to the liner as well to make the skate fit more people better than the previous model.

Check them out here.

Which is better?
Of course, there is never a correct answer for this question. I think the main thing to think about here is how wide your feet are. The Twister seems to be built stronger and may be able to handle more but that’s not to say that the Pro X is far behind. I personally loved the RB DA that I had and found them to be one of the most comfortable skates I have had. If you are struggling to find a skate to fit your strange feet then maybe try the Pro X or Cruiser models to see if that’s the solution for you. In store we know that the RB Cruiser and Pro X will fit most people that try it on in their true shoe size. It’s an easy one to sell. The twister being the opposite in this field where only specific people find them comfortable straight away.

If you would like to know anymore about these two models then check out our team rider Si Coburn on Instagram and Youtube.

He has a full review on the RB Pro X and I’m sure the XT one is on its way.
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