Rollerblade Inline Skates

In 1980, Minnesota brothers Scott and Brennan found an inline skate at a sports store and thought the design would be ideal for off-season hockey training. Working from their parent’s basement in Minneapolis, they refined and built the first Rollerblade skates and founded the company that would eventually become Rollerblade.

Rollerblade is an industry behemoth, always working to make skating more accessible to people of all ages and abilities, as well as constantly developing the technology that goes into their boots. Over the years, Rollerblade has been responsible for many industry firsts, such as the use of polyurethane boots and wheels, metal frames, dual bearings and heel brakes. Additionally, they were also responsible for the following impressive list of inline skate advancements.

  • Ventilated shells/breathable liners
  • Buckle closure system
  • Cored wheel design
  • Graduated brake design
  • Aggressive skate/stunt skate
  • Award-winning braking system - Advanced Braking System (ABT)
  • Women's Specific Skate
  • Tool less, push-button adjustable children's skate
  • Liner with temperature regulation material (keeps feet cooler and dryer)

Rollerblade’s brand mission is to inspire people to move freely on wheels and make skates for all types of skating, so whatever you’re into, there’s a Rollerblade for you.

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