Rollerblade Cruiser 2021

Hello Hello. Stephen @Whataspoon here to talk about the most popular skates we sell here at Slick's, the Rollerblade Cruiser. This skate is so popular for many reasons so in this blog I will tell you all about the skate and take you through the reasons why people love them so much.

The 2021 Rollerblade RB Cruiser Inline Skates come in two colourways. Black and Neon Yellow and in Black and Aqua. Rollerblade also included some extra black laces in the box with these skates just in case you are not a fan of the bright coloured ones. A free set of laces? That's a great start. The colours and patterns are the only real difference between this 2021 model and the previous model which came out in 2019.

Like the name suggests, if you like to cruise the streets then these skates come with everything you could possibly need to get around an urban environment smoothly. Let's have a look at the components of the skate to see why it's so popular.


The Upper Boot
The boot used for this skate is a great option for those of us with wide feet. There is enough space inside for most people with the skate coming true to size so you can simply choose your own shoe size and the skate will most likely fit you no problem. This could be one of the main reasons that the skate is so popular. Here in store some of the other options can feel uncomfortable when you are first trying them on but the RB Cruiser seems to be a crowd pleaser straight from the first encounter.

The boot features a plastic top buckle alongside a plastic 45 degree strap across the top of your foot. The 45 degree buckle is completely replaceable with the top buckles and cuffs coming riveted on. These are also still replaceable but you may need a drill to remove the rivets holding the cuffs or buckles on. Once you have removed the rivets you can use a male and female screw and thread that you would receive with most replacement buckle sets. The skate also features many air holes to allow your foot to breathe and to allow for less weight making the skates more efficient and again more comfortable. The skate also includes a shock absorber under your heel at the back of the boot. This is going to absorb the harsh vibrations from the street and also allow you to do some larger jumps without hurting your heels on the landing.

The Liner
On the subject of comfort, the liner definitely brings more to the table. Rollerblade use their Performance Liner in the Cruiser models which is padded enough to help keep your foot protected and comfortable yet thin enough that it does not feel too tight when you first try on the skates. This is one of the main reasons why customers like this skate over others when trying them on as some other options can have thicker liners that feel too tight and require more breaking in after skating them brand new. The liner also features some RB insoles inside to keep your foot protected from the bottom of the boot.

The Frames
The Cruiser comes with extruded aluminium frames with a max wheel size of 80mm with a length of 243mm/9.6" upto size 11 with sizes 12 and 13 coming with a 261mm/10.3" frame length. This frame is certainly strong enough to handle city skating, rolling down steps and for trying some jumps. The axles on the frames were updated on these skates so that it now comes with racing axles that are only one piece instead of the previously used axles that were two part thread and bolt so they are much more reliable and easier to replace now. The frames are also laterally adjustable so you can change the direction that they face under your feet.
The frame comes with a removable brake attached with a replaceable brake pad so you can get a new one whenever you wear it out. In the box you will receive a little packet that includes a normal axle that you can use if you wish to remove the brake.

The Wheels and Bearings
On this skate we have the RB Urban Profile Wheels at 80mm with a hardness of 85A. These wheels are perfect for the roads in an urban environment as well as the smooth paths you'll find in the park to absorb any unwanted vibrations and they are also shaped round to give you stability when rolling. Inside the wheels we have RB SG7 bearings which will keep you rolling smoothly through the streets. These bearings are shielded so they are nice and strong and less likely to take in as much dirt along the way.

A few words about the skate from Slick's Skate Crew rider Si Coburn
It’s a great skate that covers all bases from comfort, functionality and quality. It’s a hard wearing sturdy skate which feels super comfortable, responsive and looks awesome. The thing I like most about them is that they are a perfect entry level skate but also great for a more experienced skater too! Perfect for commuting, jumping around, slides and just getting out in the sunshine and cruising!

Get them here: Male and Female.