Rio Roller

Who is Rio Roller?

Rio Roller is a quad skating brand from the UK who have designed some popular fashion skates and who have distributed them worldwide. Rio can be known for their bright colours and their signature Rio logo. They have over 20 different skates to choose from in their collection and they also offer protective gear and accessories to go with them. Let's have a look at the range of skates that Rio supplies to us in store and how they differ.

The Skate Selection

Artistic Skates (Raised Heel)
Rio offer a wide range of Artistic skates that are great for beginner skaters and jam skaters. These have a raised heel which allows you to perform those dance moves on your skates by getting you up on your toes.

We have the Rio Script, the Rio Rose and the Rio Signature that we offer in our store. The Script and the Rose are very similar with only the look of the skate being different.

These two models feature PVC leather so they are Vegan friendly and they also come with a cushioned heel plus a moulded inner soul. Underneath they have a PP hi-impact chassis with a replaceable stopper on the front. For the wheels and bearings we have 82A Coaster wheels and ABEC-7 bearings to keep you rolling smoothly in the park, on the streets and in the roller discos.

The Rio Signature is a little more advanced as it comes with a rubber adjustable toe stop so it can be a good choice if you are looking for that extra customisation. It features a brushed finish PVC leather outer and a brushed velvet comfortable lining inner. The signature also features the cushioned heel that comes on the other models as well as the same ABEC-7 bearings plus the 82A Coaster wheels.

The Scripts come in Tan/Blue, Pink/Lilac, Teal/Coral, Peach/Green and Grey/Purple.

The Rose comes in Black or Cream.

The Signature comes in either Black, Yellow or Blue.

    Flat Skates
    Rio also has some flat options for those who need something more comfortable for leisurely skates in the park. These skates appear like trainers on top of the wheels which makes them look very stylish indeed. These options are great for those who need comfort and for those with wider feet.

    In this group we have the Mayhem, Lumina and Milkshake skates. These are all pretty similar with PVC leather on the upper boot and some nylon trucks below that hold on some ABEC-7 bearings and Rio Coaster wheels at 82A. The main differences between the 3 models would be the colour options and that the Mayhem and Milkshake come with a strap across the top of the laces for extra support. On the Mayhem you will find this at a 45 degree angle to hold your heel flat to the ground and on the Milkshake you will find it slightly higher to offer a better fit around your lower leg and for extra power when skating.

    The Mayhem comes in Black with White and Green details, Green with white details or Red with White details. 

    The Lumina comes in quite a few colour options like: Black and Grey, Navy and Turquoise, White and Light Blue and lastly Blue and Pink. 

    The Milkshake comes in two colourways which are Blue, Pink and White then on the other we have Purple, White and another Turquoise colour.

      Protection and other Accessories from Rio

      In our store we offer the Rio Triple Pad sets which are great for all kinds of skating from street and park to skatepark as well, due to them being more of a flat shape which can allow you to slide on the pads when you fall. This is very useful on ramps or when travelling at speed.

      We also carry the Rio Skate Bags that are perfect for holding your skates in along with your pads and water bottle as well as the replacement Rio Toe Stops.

      You can find our Rio skates here.