Ricta Skateboard Wheels

Created by Jeremy Fox and Ian Deacon, Ricta skateboard wheels hail from the Flip Skateboards camp and brought fresh technology to skateboard wheel design.

For over a decade, Ricta have been constantly improving their ‘speed reinvented’ wheel technology to bring you a wheel with a 'Max Speed and Smooth Roll’. Their non-core wheels are manufactured with a ‘NRG‘ Hi-Energy Urethane Formula to take your speed to the next level and boat a more flat-spot resistant formula than any other skateboard wheel on the market.

Ricta make wheels for every type of skater, terrain or setup and their Ricta Clouds are a firm favourite for many of customers.

For maximum speed and a smooth roll. Naturals urethane slides when you want to while giving you control when you need it. Naturals is Ricta’s longest lasting urethane with fewer flat spots.

For a unique speed and reduced rolling resistance, Cores maintain shape integrity when landing tricks and are proven to roll over cracks with less feedback than conventional urethane.

Speed Rings
With a unique core design that puts urethane around the bearing bore like a non-cored wheel, Speed Rings give you the feel of a traditional wheel with the speed and reduced rolling resistance of a cored wheel. Less Rattle, More Roll.

The most diverse cruiser wheel family in skateboarding and are available from 52-60mm and 78, 86, and 92a durometers. You can’t go wrong with a Ricta Cloud wheel!

The Ricta skate team consists of Blake Johnson, Chaz Ortiz, Felipe Nunes, Jereme Knibbs, John Shanahan, Maurio McCoy, Samarria Brevard, Tom Asta and Yuri Facchini.

So check them out here and keep rolling.