Powerslide Zoom Lomax Pro 110 Skates

The Powerslide Zoom Pro Lomax 110s are now available in-store and online, ideal for freeride skaters who like to push the limits. Designed for Nick Lomax, one of the best urban and aggressive skaters in the world, the Zoom Pro Lomax 110 is fast, stylish and capable, just what you need for big air, big speed and long slides in the city.

The Powerslide Zoom Lomax Pro 110 has a durable and supportive hard boot, an incredibly comfortable heat-moldable MYFIT dual-fit liner and a closure system which combines traditional lacing and a 45-degree ratchet buckle to keep your foot snugly in place.

A strong, light Elite aluminium frame, joined to the boot with Powerslide’s Trinity 3-point mounting system provides a low centre of gravity, making the skate incredibly stable and responsive, all complemented with Wicked ABEC 9 bearings and Undercover Raw wheels.

The high end spec on these skates make them suitable for even the most experienced skaters and offer incredible value for money.

Grab yourself a pair here.