New Rollerblade 2024 Collection

Hello Hello. Stephen whataspoon here. I'm very happy to announce that some new skates from Rollerblade have now arrived with us in store and are available to purchase on our website. I, alongside Ilaria have had a good look at the new collection and we are both very impressed by the new features and colour choices from Rollerblade. Let's dive straight into it.

Let's start with the new Lightning models that have just landed. The name Lightning comes from one of RB's older skates from "back in the day". It was a standard plastic skate with a removable liner, a non removable frame and smaller wheels. The new versions for 2024 have some pretty cool features on them including a new memory buckle. The skate comes with a 243mm frame with 80mm RB wheels with a hardness of 85A which are perfect for street skating and some RB SG7 bearings. The skate also has a replaceable slider on the side. The liner seems to be fairly similar to the RB 80 liners that we are used to seeing but this time they are dual sized. For example, on the box these skates will say 9/9.5 instead of just 9. The liners are designed to stretch and expand with your feet as you use them so make sure they feel nice and tight when you get them brand new. Stick to your normal shoe size with these skates and you should be safe even when buying online. When I tried them on myself they seem to feel really supportive at the ankle and nice and spacious at the toes so another good choice for people with wider feet. The skates also feature a shock absorber under your heel to dampen vibrations whilst skating and to protect you from heel bruise when landing higher jumps. The new memory buckle and strap allows you to have them set at the same tightness everytime you skate which is a nice touch. They also seem to be tucked in nicely with no bulky plastic parts which should help you avoid damaging them as you fall over. These buckles and straps are replaceable as well as they are held on with screws and not rivets.

Check out the Men's version here in Black and Lime Green and the Women's version here in White and Aqua.

The male versions of these skates start at a size 7UK all the way up to a size 12UK and the female versions start at a size 4UK and finish at a size 8UK.

The skate also comes in a few other configurations like this Triskate version with x3 110mm Hydrogen wheels at 85A. A good option for those who like speed and long distance skating. This version is coming in a white colour with black parts and a few touches of green. Check this skate out here.

The last versions of the skate are the 90mm options. Like the 80mm versions, we have two options for men and women. For the men we have, what RB call, Anthracite and Taupe, two colours that I've never heard of but the skates look pretty cool. For the Women we have, Black with Sangria on some parts. The 90mm Hydrogen wheels are 85A and offer you more speed and more control over rougher surfaces compared to the 80mm versions.
Not only have RB brought us some new skates but they have also provided us with some new colourways for the RB 80 skates. The last version of this skate was called the Cruiser and it has been our most popular skate to sell for the last 2 years. It was affordable, comfortable and wide enough for most people. The only thing that people didn't like too much was the colour options which is why I think changing them to more simple colourways was such a great idea for the brand. So we have Black and Red and we have Black and Light blue. The skate is also cheaper than the previous Cruiser model which will make it even more popular with customers. Otherwise the skate is the exact same as the Cruiser with the only difference that Ilaria managed to notice which is the material of the liner. It comes stock with 80mm RB Urban wheels at 85A and RB SG7 bearings.

Check out the Black and Red version here.

Check out the Black and Light Blue version here.

The Black and Red version is available from sizes 3UK all the way up to 13UK and the Black and Light Blue version goes from 3UK to 8UK.

To see a proper unboxing from Ilaria and I of all of the skate above, watch the following video: