FR UFR Antony Pottier Pro Model

Hello Hello. Stephen Whataspoon here and today we are going to talk about the all new FR UFR Antony Pottier pro model that is out and this time with some upgrades and a white option. The skates have just landed in the UK in limited numbers and are now available to order. These will also be available in store.

What is the FR Skates UFR?

Last year we saw the arrival of the first ever UFS skate from FR Skates. They dropped a whole line of UFS skates including the Antony Pottier (AP) Pro Model with soul plates for aggressive skating. I’ve personally been skating them for over a year now and I can safely say that it quickly became my favourite aggressive skate. Maybe I’m a little biased in the sense that I have wide feet and these skates fit me perfectly. The shell is the same size as an FR Freeride skate which I had been skating previously so this made it very easy for me to get the sizing correct. For information on FR Skates sizing check out this blog.

Other than sizing, the skates have a nice wide and fast soul plate making grind tricks an absolute joy. This can be removed of course which results in you having a UFS Freeskate.

Last year's model came in 2 forms. We had the UFR AP in Black and Brown with a standard FR Liner. This was available boot only or with the AP FLAT frame with FR 65mm wheels and MW9 Bearings. We also had the UFR AP in Black and White with an Intuition Liner inside which was only available boot only. This version sold out very quickly.

What are the differences between the FR UFR version 1 and 2?
2023 sees the release of version 2 which is coming in all black and in the new all white colourway. FR have kept this theme going by releasing a few skates in white like the FRX and FR1 Deluxe. The new UFR AP will feature metal buckles on the cuff which is an upgrade from the plastic one that came on last year's version. The metal buckles prove to be much more resilient which will be very useful in aggressive skating. When performing aggressive tricks the likelihood of you falling over or sliding out becomes much higher resulting in your skates sliding along the ground and into things. Stronger materials always come in handy for these situations.

The skate also features a new and improved Intuition liner. This time the tongue has been improved to be more padded and resilient to rips. On the previous models some skaters were experiencing some pressure points under the top buckle strap where the cuffs dig into the liner. This new liner will hopefully counteract this issue and solve the problem.

I received the skates from FR the other day and made this unboxing video with Slick’s and FR rider Ilaria Di Maio.