FR Skates UFR AP Skates Review by Stephen Whataspoon

Hello Hello, Stephen at Slick’s Skate Store here and today we are looking at the new UFR from FR Skates which is the well deserved pro skate for Mr Antony Pottier. I have personally been on these skates for around 3 weeks at this point and I am thoroughly enjoying what they bring to the table.

This skate is going to be sold in 3 different versions so we thought we might break them down for you:

Firstly we have the standard boot only version in black with some brown parts. Coming with the FR liner we have seen before in their freestyle models.

Then we have the complete skate version which features the standard boot and liner with the addition of Antony’s own aggressive frame. The Flat frame was designed by Antony himself and is widely used across the globe in the aggressive scene as we speak. This frame is set up ready to roll with some Titalium Twincam MW9 Bearings and some 65mm 88A FR aggressive wheels.

Finally we have the boot only version with the Intuition liner, all blacked out with a white AP logo.

The liners are different in a few ways. The FR liner being thick, full of padding and soft, then the Intuition liner being thin but ridged. With the Intuition version you might find that you can size down. I have a size 43 feet but I can squeeze my feet into the 42 UFR with the FR liner after a breaking in period of around 2 weeks. With the intuition liner in size 42 the skate fitted be pretty good out of the box.
The FR liner doesn’t seem to have a shock absorber but the Intuition version comes with a removable one on the bottom of the liner. Under the liner there is a really comfortable and padded footbed that protects your feet from further shock when landing higher tricks.

As someone who has fallen in love with the FR1 but has a background of aggressive skating, this is absolutely the perfect skate for me at the moment. It is extremely similar to the FR1 with only a few minor differences. The main differences of course being the sole plate and the UFS system. So of course the UFR can’t support any 165mm frames without some DIY. It also doesn’t have the metal mounting plates that come with the FR1 that provide better power transfer. Instead it has the standard mounting system as the FRX and similar models. This will save on weight and also makes the skate cost less.

The sole plate on these skates is extremely fast and is super wide to help wrap your skates around the rail or ledge that you are skating. When the sole plate is removed the skate could be mistaken for an FRX and performs just like a freestyle skate. The UFR comes with rather large frame bolts to reach through the sole plate to the boot so you may want to consider using smaller frame bolts if you are removing the sole plate.

All in all I am very happy with this skate and how it performs. I can go to the skatepark, I can skate on the roads, I can keep up with the big wheel folks, I can teach lessons, I can skate a rail. I love having so many options.

I have made a video which dives deeper into the skate on my YouTube channel.