Endless Blading ARC Frames

Hello Hello. Stephen @Whataspoon here.

Endless Blading have released their all new 5 Wheeled ARC Frames and just as we all expected, they are beautiful. These frames are coming in a few different colour options and configurations. I’m here today to let you know what’s what and talk about the frame a little. Two of our Slick’s Skate Crew, Brett and Jaro, have been trying out the frames so we will also hear a little about how they feel about the frames.

How many versions of the Endless ARC are there and what are they?

As a whole the frames come with 5 wheels in each frame set at different heights and sizes. Endless have spent quite a lot of time making sure that the frames are strong and responsive so you can accelerate quickly and have huge amounts of control. In Endless Blading's own words, the frames are:

Specifically designed for skaters seeking the highest level of performance for expressive flatland and urban styles that rely heavily upon precise edge transitions and ninja-like swivel moves. — endlessblading.com

The Frames are coming with 165 and UFS options. The 165 version will fit perfectly with your FR, Rollerblade and other freeskates. These do not fit onto the Powerslide Trinity skates. The UFS version will fit perfectly on any aggressive skate. The UFS version is flat on the top with the 165 version having the raised rear.

The frames are also coming with the Enhanced Stability option (ES). Choose the ES version if you have a large foot size and would like some extra stability whilst skating. The wheels will be spaced slightly more apart on this version. Endless suggest going for the ES if you are a size 9.5UK or above. The Arc and Arc ES have the exact same wheel configurations. It does not matter the boot size or mount. You will get the same high performance.

The ARC’s feature x3 76mm wheels in the middle with rockerable axels at the front and rear allowing you to change between an 80mm or 84mm wheel. The wheel sizes were carefully chosen with ride height in mind. The smaller wheels in the middle allow for the skate to be closer to the ground improving your control. Having the large wheels on the outside helps with smoothness and control whilst balancing on single wheels.

Here at Slicks we are offering a wheel pack for the ARC frames with the option of 80 or 84mm along with x6 76mm wheels. (Whilst stocks last) Check out the Endless Arc Wheel Packs here

What makes the Endless ARC stand out compared to other 5 Wheeled Frames?

Endless have put a lot of effort into making these frames as efficient as possible. The frame is much lighter than the other 5 wheeled frame options on the market. This is due to them using the correct amount of materials in the correct places. This makes the frame as strong and stiff as possible yet with no unnecessary materials.

They have also looked at the wheel sizing very carefully and figured out how to get the best combination for the user.

Careful selection of wheel sizes with greater hub-to-urethane ratios means less mass is wasted on wheels. For example, an 84 mm Hydrogen wheel weighs 8 grams less than an 80 mm Hydrogen wheel. The combined complement of 84 mm and 76 mm wheels translates into more control and speed. — endlessblading.com

What do the Slick's Skate Crew think about the Endless ARC?

Jaro Hajdik says:
I am skating Endless Arc ES for over 3 months now and I need to say that I am overly satisfied with them. Despite it is a long and stiff piece of frame I can develop an enormous amount of speed when accelerating. I enjoy performing wizard skating moves as they feel very light and super responsive. Also I tried to test them for high jumps and tricks in the air and it feels very comfortable. I can recommend the frames for skatepark, wizard skating or just standard cruising through the city.

Brett Davies says:
My first session with the Arc frames was something special, even from opening up the box and checking out the attention to detail with the solid construction and little details like the rocker settings for different wheels sizes. The frames felt very solid and took minimal adjustment to get used to the natural feel on the roll. The rocker gives a great mix of play allowing you to go into movements that feel comfortable and controlled whilst also allowing you to gather a lot of speed with minimal effort for the size of wheels used. It’s clear that a lot of thought and care has gone into crafting a frame that stands apart from the other 5 wheel offerings on the market. This goes for performance aswell as a beautiful aesthetic whilst giving you that low to ground feel that makes your experience skating these even more enjoyable. I can’t wait to get more immersed in what this new frame has to offer.

Below we have a video on how to set them up with the wheel size of your choice featuring the 165 in Mercury and the UFS ES in Black. The Black frame has been set up with 76/80mm Hydrogen wheels and the Mercury with 76/84mm Hydrogen wheels. 

Check out the Endless ARC Frames here.