Can I Roller Skate in the Rain?

Skating in the rain whether it be on Roller Skates or Rollerblades is possible but it is definitely NOT recommended. Not only is it dangerous for you it can also damage your precious skates and cost you money. Today we will run through the main reasons not to skate in the rain.

Why you Shouldn't Skate in the Rain

Wet, Slippery Surfaces
You must be aware of what surface you are rolling on if it is wet. Rough surfaces may be fine but smooth surfaces can become extremely slippery. The wheels on skates are not like the tyres on a bike. Most tyres have treads which displace the water so the tyres don’t slip. Skate wheels have no treads and have a smooth finish.

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Slows you down and prevents Propulsion 
The smooth finish on your wheel will allow for practically zero grip on wet surfaces so when you are trying to push forwards you will not gain much momentum at all. As you push forward it’s likely that your wheels will slip. This will just simply make you tired and get you nowhere. 

Also rolling through puddles will slow you down as your wheels won’t be able to roll freely. There will be lots of friction.

Difficult to Turn
If you are rolling along wet surfaces then the last thing you want to do is change direction quickly. Say someone or something comes out of nowhere and you need to swerve out of the way. The likelihood is that your wheels will just slip out. You could fall over then crash into whatever was in your way.

Hard to Stop
When you try to stop on wet surfaces, that much needed friction you crave will be non-existent. You will most likely just slide for a long time rather than stop. This can be very dangerous for beginner skaters with no sliding experience.

Damage to your Equipment
Skate bearings need to be lubricated with grease for them to roll smoothly. Water displaces this grease which can then lead to them rusting and seizing up. You may wake up the next day to orange bearings that do not spin. This can also cause a horrible squeaking noise that is definitely not a satisfying thing to hear when you are rolling around.

Tips to Skate in the Rain

Wear Safety Gear
The likelihood of you falling over rises dramatically so if you can protect your limbs with some pads you will be more likely to avoid injury. Knee pads will also protect your trousers from getting too wet if you fall onto your knees. After all, the plastic shell of a pad is definitely more waterproof than your trousers.

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Adapt your Stride
It would be advised to use shorter pushes/strides when skating on wet ground. Keeping your legs closer together will keep you more stable and ready for any slipping that may occur. You cannot rely on one leg whilst skating in the rain so it is always better to have your other skate near the ground ready to provide backup when needed.

Take Care when Turning
It would definitely be a good idea to avoid sharp turns on wet ground altogether. Always continue straight until you have slowed down enough to turn safely. When turning, use bigger angles so you are not changing direction dramatically at any point.

Plan your stops
Just like when driving a car, you should give yourself more space between the object in front of you when skating in the rain. If you plan to stop at the edge of the pavement then make sure to give yourself double the time you would need if the ground were dry.

Care for your Equipment
If you do get your bearings wet then it is often a good idea to continue skating somewhere dry afterwards to dry them up or to take them out and wipe them down with some kitchen towels. You can also add some speed cream/bearing grease to bearings that have been exposed to wet weather. Only add a little drop to the inside of each bearing as too much grease will result in the bearing attracting lots of dirt and dust.

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