Staying Motivated: How to Love Inline Skating

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This piece delves into strategies for maintaining motivation during inline skating. With nearly two decades of personal skating experience, I've discovered techniques to infuse variety into my skating routine, a key factor in sustaining motivation for daily sessions. As with many pursuits, repetition can lead to boredom or diminished enthusiasm. However, the diverse and engaging nature of inline skating ensures a constant wellspring of opportunities, making it possible to eagerly wear skates nearly every day. The richness of experiences within the world of inline skating serves as a perpetual source of motivation, transforming each session into a unique and fulfilling adventure.

Setting Achievable Inline Skating Goals

Setting small, achievable goals is crucial when embarking on a new sport as it provides a roadmap for progress and keeps motivation high. In the world of sports, mastering a new skill or achieving a specific fitness level can be a daunting task. Breaking down the larger objective into smaller, manageable goals allows individuals to celebrate incremental victories, fostering a sense of accomplishment. These small wins not only boost confidence but also build a solid foundation for tackling more significant challenges. Additionally, setting realistic goals helps prevent frustration and burnout, ensuring a sustainable and enjoyable journey in the pursuit of athletic excellence. By focusing on manageable milestones, individuals can stay engaged, track their development, and, ultimately, derive greater satisfaction from their newfound athletic endeavors.

Commencing a new inline skating journey presents a myriad of learning opportunities, thanks to the multitude of skills and techniques available at various proficiency levels. As a novice, mastering the fundamental skill of skating from point A to B is a quick accomplishment, especially with dedicated practice or through club participation. Once you attain the ability to navigate freely, the door opens to exploring tricks, stylish stopping techniques, descending steps gracefully, and even rolling on fewer than four wheels. Breaking down these skills into manageable steps while rolling at a slow pace allows for gradual mastery before ramping up speed and fully committing to each technique.

Finding a Skating Community: Clubs and Groups

Staying motivated in inline skating becomes significantly easier when you share the experience with fellow skaters. Being part of a group provides the reassurance that it's perfectly normal to encounter failures and setbacks, fostering an environment where everyone can try again without feeling embarrassed. The camaraderie extends to shared laughter when someone takes a tumble. To discover nearby inline skating communities or instructors, a simple Google search or a visit to the local skatepark or beachfront is all it takes. An effective search term could be "Friday night skate" followed by your city's name, connecting you with existing local communities. While the Friday night skate event might be too advanced for your current skill level, finding it online opens doors to groups and individuals who can guide you toward lessons or beginner-friendly gatherings. Alternatively, social media platforms like Facebook groups or Instagram hashtags can be valuable resources for locating and connecting with local skaters in your area.

For the UK and especially London we have done the hard work for you already:

In our expansive city, a multitude of inline skating groups provide lessons and group skate experiences. One notable option in close proximity is London Skate Life, a club offering a range of services including 1-to-1 private lessons, group classes, free meetups, and street routes throughout central London. To immerse yourself in their community, consider booking their complimentary first group class upon signing up, granting access to valuable information and community WhatsApp groups. Visit their website for more details.

Another iconic skating experience in London is the longstanding London Friday Night Skate, a tradition spanning over a decade on the city streets. Held every Friday evening and Sunday afternoon, the Friday skate is known for its fast-paced and advanced nature, while the Sunday skate offers a more relaxed stroll through the streets. During the summer, there's also the Wednesday night skate, striking a balance between the intermediate level of the Friday and the laid-back Sunday. These events are free to join, with special editions for occasions like Halloween and Christmas, sometimes drawing up to 400 skaters. Check out their website for more information.

For beginners seeking a gentler introduction, the "Easy Saturday Skate" unfolds within Battersea Park every Saturday morning at 10:30 am. This session, set against the picturesque park backdrop, accommodates various participants, including wheelchair users, kids, and dogs. Designed to proceed at a leisurely pace, it serves as an ideal starting point for those not yet ready to venture onto the roads. Explore more about this beginner-friendly option here.

Discover the prime inline skating locations in London by exploring the details covered in this article.

United Kingdom
On both Instagram and Facebook, we proudly present the "Grand Skate Tour," an exciting group skating event that journeys across the UK, visiting different cities hosting roller discos and group skates for enthusiasts of all skill levels. In the afternoons, the tour often secures sports halls in the city or nearby to kick off the festivities with an energizing roller disco. Afterward, participants gather for some food or relaxation before the evening skating session unfolds. While seasoned skaters take to the streets for an exhilarating ride, beginners can unwind in the designated local skating spot in each city—an inviting area of smooth concrete ideal for a leisurely roll. The group skate is expertly marshalled by a team of experienced skaters, ensuring safety akin to the London Friday Night Skate and similar events worldwide. These marshalls guide the group through an engaging route, showcasing tourist spots, navigating fun hills, and making pit stops at local skateparks or pumptracks. For more information, check them out on Facebook or Instagram.

For enthusiasts of aggressive skating in the UK, the go-to online hub is the UK Bladers Community (UKBC), a thriving Facebook group. Within this community, members share their skate setups and showcase their progression in the sport, creating a dynamic space for collaboration and inspiration. Moreover, the group serves as a valuable resource for information on upcoming events, including skatepark competitions and sessions that are open for attendance. Explore the vibrant world of aggressive skating and connect with fellow enthusiasts by checking out the UK Bladers Community at this link.

Mixing Up Your Skating Routine for Continued Fun

Inline skating offers the incredible advantage of being adaptable to various settings, making it a versatile activity that can be enjoyed almost anywhere. Whether you choose the scenic beachfront, the bustling city streets, a serene park, or a designated skatepark, as long as there's a solid surface beneath your wheels, you can learn and skate with ease. Unlike my earlier gym routine, where the monotony of the same four walls during the entire workout session felt confining, inline skating provides a dynamic experience. Now, as I glide along, I am surrounded by diverse locations that keep me consistently engaged. Setting specific locations as goals adds an extra layer of motivation, offering a rewarding experience and a fresh perspective at the end of each skate session.

Transforming your inline skating routine into a diverse and exhilarating experience involves exploring various disciplines to keep things fresh and dynamic. Venture into the high-flying world of skatepark tricks, challenging your agility and creativity. Embrace the precision and artistry of slalom skating, weaving through cones with finesse. Feel the rush of speed skating as you push your limits on open roads or designated tracks. Dive into the rhythmic world of dancing on skates, combining athleticism with artistic expression. Even within specific disciplines, such as aggressive inline skating, the possibilities for diversity are abundant. Whether practicing technical grinds or focusing on big jumps, spins, and flips, there's always room for exploration. Likewise, in slalom skating, the distinction between freestyle movements and technical tricks provides yet another layer of variety, ensuring that the excitement and motivation never wane. Join social group skates to share the joy of skating with others, creating a vibrant community. Become a tourist on skates, discovering your city or new places with a unique perspective. Inline skating isn't just a sport; it's an extension of your body, allowing you to seamlessly integrate skates into daily life. Cruise through shopping trips and complete daily tasks, experiencing the cityscape in a way traditional sports could never offer. With skates, the possibilities are boundless, showcasing the versatility and freedom they bring to every aspect of your routine.

I'd like to share a particular moment in my life when frustration with my performance on inline skates was peaking. While learning grinds on my aggressive inline skates, I repeatedly struggled to execute certain tricks consistently, leading to frustration and self-annoyance every time I fell. One evening, as I sought inspiration and guidance from videos of top pro skaters, I stumbled upon a compilation of Broll footage featuring Montre Livingston, a globally renowned athlete celebrated for his prowess on aggressive inline skates. Contrary to my expectations, the video revealed Montre facing challenges and laughter each time he fell while attempting tricks. Remarkably, he never displayed frustration but rather sported a smile, got back up, and tried again with unwavering determination. This resilience became a profound inspiration for me. Adopting Montre's mindset, I learned to stay composed instead of getting disappointed, significantly improving my success rate with tricks. A heartfelt thank you to Montre for being a beacon of inspiration. Check out his Instagram for a glimpse of his incredible skills.