SEBA CJ Wellsmore Prime Pro Model

Hello hello. This is Stephen @Whataspoon, and I'm excited to present information about the recently launched SEBA CJ2 Prime boot. Available in an attractive white color, Slick's has generously provided me with a pair to unbox and review. Before you check out the unboxing video at the bottom of this page, let's explore the features of this skate and understand how it sets itself apart from other models in its lineup.

What is the SEBA CJ2 Prime?

Emerging a decade ago, this skate traces its roots back to the inaugural CJ Wellsmore pro model, marking SEBA's entry into the realm of aggressive skates. This pioneering design garnered immense popularity, propelling the evolution of four distinct models. Widely embraced by both aggressive and wizard skaters, the latter representing a contemporary expression of artistic street skating, this skate has earned widespread acclaim. Now, let's delve into the reasons behind its popularity.

The upper boot of the CJ2 Prime incorporates a plastic construction with a soft skin covering the upper part of your foot. Its secure velcro 45-degree strap, detachable and replaceable, ensures effective heel lockdown within the boot. At the top, there's a removable plastic cuff and a durable metal buckle. Additionally, a detachable slider on the side serves to safeguard the boot from side wear during falls. Inside, a shock absorber, affixed to the inner lining beneath the heel, enhances comfort and impact absorption. This can be easily removed if you simply pull at it with a little force. To secure your foot within the skate, flat black laces are provided, threading through lace holes that extend from the bottom of the boot to the very top. The boot has a UFS mounting system at the bottom that will keep your frames in place when performing high impact grind tricks or manoeuvres. Attached to the underside of the boot is the detachable soul plate, characterized by its substantial width, facilitating effortless engagement with a wide range of grindable surfaces.

The removable CJ liner boasts extra foam, incorporating additional padding strategically placed in key areas. This design not only provides a lighter and more comfortable fit compared to its predecessor but also ensures precision. Due to its thin profile, the liner allows for downsizing, promoting increased responsiveness. Beneath the heel, there's an additional detachable shock absorber secured to the bottom of the liner with velcro, offering easy removal if desired. Near the upper part of the liner, there are additional lace holes, allowing for further integration of the liner with the boot if necessary.

What are the differences between the SEBA CJ2 Prime and the other SEBA CJ Models?

Within the CJ Wellsmore collection, the CJ1 stands as the original model introduced by SEBA many years ago. Many years later, the CJ2 series made its debut with the simultaneous launch of three skates dedicated to CJ Wellsmore. These three variants, all presented in black, included a plastic boot with an integrated liner, a carbon boot resembling the CJ1, and the Prime featuring a removable liner. In 2023, SEBA released the CJ2 Prime in White, essentially mirroring the features of its earlier black counterpart.


Observing the images above, it's evident that the majority of components on each skate are identical, such as the buckles, laces, cuffs, and sliders. Although there appears to be slight variations in the shape of the soul plates between the CJ1 and CJ2, these differences are relatively minor.

Which SEBA CJ skate is best for me?

When deciding on the appropriate model, consider your skating style and budget as primary factors. While acquiring the CJ1 may pose a challenge due to its scarcity, diligent online searches might yield a few available units. If affordability is a priority and you seek a skate versatile enough for aggressive, wizard, and general street skating, the plastic version with the integrated liner could be an ideal choice. Opt for the carbon version if a super-light skate is your preference. For those inclined to customize their skates extensively with personal liners and shock absorbers, the black or white version of the Prime offers the flexibility to do so.

Check out my first clips on the skates here.

I opted for the Prime version, enabling me to incorporate my Intuition liners and Myfit shock absorbers, allowing me to downsize to a UK size 8. Initially, when I tried on the skates with the original shock absorbers and liners, the fit felt good. However, after a few days of skating, I realized that adjusting my toes slightly backward would enhance my overall experience. Substituting the original shock absorbers with my trusted Myfit gel ones, which I've been using for years, made a significant difference. Now, I can skate comfortably without experiencing any discomfort on the tips of my toes. So far I have enjoyed my experience with these new skates very much and I look forward to skating them more and more in the coming months.

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Unboxing the skates in the store