Beginner Basics Learning How To Roller Skate

Beginner Basics
Learning How To
Roller Skate

Whether you are buying a pair of roller skates for yourself or your child, its important to get your purchases right the first time and invest in reputable brands that know their stuff and produce great quality skates. Roller skating can seem quite daunting at first but once you get to know the basics you’ll be wishing you started earlier.

What to Buy?

  • Skates
  • Helmet
  • Wrist guards or pad sets

There is such a huge selection when it comes to roller skates, so narrow down your search. Firstly, if you are looking to buy for your child, search for kids roller skates, if the joy is all for you, search adult roller skates.

Learning to Balance

When you first start skating, bend your knees so that when looking down, your knees block out the view of your toes. Doing so will lower your centre of gravity making you more balanced.

It’s only natural to lose balance, if you fall over to get up firstly stretch your palms forward touching the path with your wrist guards, then move up to your knee pads and finally your elbow pads, this will allow getting back up in a slower motion ensuring you carefully get your balance back. Pad sets are great as they not only minimise the impact of the initial fall, but they can help you get back up too.

When skating keep your centre of gravity low for better balance. Bend your knees and make sure your shoulders are slightly forward, also keep your hands in front of your body.


The easiest way to start skating is to walk like a duck…. Point out your toes with your heels together, making sure your skates are in a v-shaped position. Take a step with your right foot, then the left and repeat. Over time, you will feel confident enough in your balance in which each step will become a glide.


Roller Skates usually only come with brakes on the front so to use them you can put one foot behind you and drag the toe stop to lower your speed. Once you get more experienced you can spin round to skate backwards and then use the toe stop, this way takes some practice but will bring you to a stop more quickly.

You can also buy back brakes for quads so if you are struggling perhaps have a go with one of these.